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About Peter

Peter Bonn-Elchoness was a magnetic presence who made an impact in his 17 years. We started The Peter Fund to continue his legacy.

Peter brought fun and laughter with him wherever he went. He had a broad and easy smile. He was a good listener; the sort of friend who truly cares.


We have heard many stories about the extraordinary kindness and generosity of spirit he showed during his lifetime. For example, in middle school, he stood up to bullies on behalf of a friend in need. He regularly offered support to kids in crisis carving time out of his day just to be there for them. Peter rooted for teammates and competitors on the fencing strip.


We're told he saved lives.

Peter was making a great and positive difference in our world when we lost him in his sleep from Myocarditis - a disease that causes damage to the hearts of even completely healthy people without warning.

Why The Peter Fund?

Simply put, Peter is no longer here but the world desperately needs more of what he did during his lifetime. The Peter Fund will offer, support, and encourage teen-centered programs that enhance understanding, compassion, generosity of spirit, and simple kindness. Our focus will be efforts related to basic respect, anti-bullying, mental health, and teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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Peter Bonn-Elchoness
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