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Kindness Counts Award

Every high school graduation recognizes high schoolers who achieve top academics and extracurricular performance. However, rarely are those who show extraordinary kindness rewarded. We believe kindness should stand shoulder to shoulder with other great accomplishments. 


We started the Kindness Counts Award to recognize teens who show extraordinary compassion, generosity, kindness, and sportsmanship during their high school careers.

The Kindness Counts Award is awarded each year to high school graduating seniors, at participating schools or organizations. Classmates and faculty nominate students and the Award is awarded based on the following criteria: ​

  • Consistent Kindness: Regular acts of kindness—big or small—towards classmates, teachers, staff, and family, throughout their time in high school. This could range from daily niceties like holding doors open to larger acts like caring for a family member or helping out at home.

  • Impactful Actions: Undertaking activities that create a positive and meaningful impact on others. Examples include launching or participating in a community project, mentoring younger students, or emotionally supporting peers.

  • Inclusivity: Making efforts to welcome and include everyone, especially those who might feel left out or marginalized. Actions can include befriending newcomers, standing up to bullying, or advocating for inclusive school activities.

  • Empathy: Demonstrating a strong understanding and sensitivity to the feelings of others, such as comforting a distressed friend or being a source of emotional support to classmates.

  • Community Involvement: Active engagement in community-based activities that line up with the spirit of kindness, like volunteering, attending community events, or making a positive impact in the local area.

  • Charitable Initiative: Showing a true desire to help causes bigger than oneself. This could involve regular volunteer work, initiating fundraising events, or educating others on important social issues.

  • Sportsmanship: Exemplifying fair play, respect for opponents, and gracious behavior in both victory and defeat, including displaying humility and integrity, encouraging others, and showing appreciation for the opportunity to participate.

Grades, Sports, Music, and Other Academic or Extracurricular Achievements: While The Peter Fund acknowledges the significance of these activities, the Kindness Counts Award aims to shine a spotlight on kindness. Therefore, accomplishments in these areas will not be considered as criteria for this award.

Generally, our Awards include a $250 gift certificate to the winner and a $250 donation made in the winner's name to a youth-focused charity of their choice. This is subject to change and can be different depending on the school's or organization's vision.


If you wish to be included in our program, please reach out.

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